Basque Tapas and Wine, Melbourne restaurant with a Spanish twist, offering a range of menus to suit various occasions and groups from 10 to 20. These include Degustation menu, Breakfast menu, Lunch menu, Main Tapas Manu (including drinks) and custom menus designed specifically for events such as birthdays.

For information about the other menus please contact us on: 03 9533 7044.

Basque Cuisine

The Basque Country is an ethnic enclave located in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, which divide Spain and France from one another.
Inspired by French nouvelle cuisine, the Basque country is nowadays regarded as Spain’s uncontested gourmet stronghold. People of the Basque community turn to the sea for their most prized ingredients – a wide variety of seafood such as eel, sole, hake, cod, and shellfish. They of course rely on their traditional home grown produce: ham, lamb, and ingredients derived from the mountains, such as wild mushrooms, apples, corn and beans. Basque sauces are rich and flavorsome using generous helpings of peppers, herbs and tomatoes.

Our Vision

Our team of Spanish chefs place an emphasis on using fresh, seasonal pro- duce, sourced from organic and sustainable local businesses in Melbourne. Their skill and expertise in preparing traditional, robust Spanish food, using the finest ingredients, is at the heart of Basque’s Dining Destination without Peer.

Expect tapas to be seasonal and stylish at Basque Tapas & Wine on Chapel Street in Prahran. Filled with an eclectic clientele, this quaint and cosy venue features Español style amidst a simple setting. The happy-go-lucky crowd and buzzing location make for great people watching alfresco or inside, as you prefer. Enjoy an authentic Spanish menu with an extensive selection of tapas like char grilled octopus with red and green peppers, paprika and fresh herbs, plus salads, mains and desserts. Situated in one of Melbourne’s prime shopping, dining and entertainment precincts, Basque Tapas & Wine is your authentic Spanish experience – complete with paella, churros and great cocktails.

A highlight to the restaurant is it’s $49 Tapas Sharing Menu available on the Black Board, just ask us what would you suggest?, and we will sure surprise you.