Vino en España / Wine In Spain

With more that 70 Wine Regions Boasting Red, White, Sparkling, Rosé and Sherry Wines spread throughout the Country, Spain serves up a Wine Culture delightful to the Palates of both Connoisseurs and Amateurs alike.

The Mainstream Quality Wine Regions are referred to as ‘Denominaciones de Origen’ and the Wine they produce is regulated for Quality according to Specific Laws. The Most Famous Red Wine in Spain comes from the Regions of La Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Other Famous Red Wine Regions in Spain include Navarra, Priorato, Penedès and Albariño.

Aging Designations


Wines matured in oak and in the bottle for a minimum of 2 years – with at least 6 months of this period matured in oak.


Wines matured in oak and in the bottle for a minimum of 3 years – with at least 12 months of this period matured in oak.

Gran Reserva

Wines matured in oak for a minimum
of 2 years, and then at least 3 years in the bottle.


Cava is the Spanish champagne. Cava has been made according to the “Methode Traditionelle” since the early 19th Century. Most Cava producers are located in Barcelona’s Penedes Region, where the world’s biggest sell- ers of sparkling wine are found.

Ribera del Duero

This is the most exciting red wine region of Spain. The mod- ern style of these wines, grown in different soil and climate, is bringing out the best qualities of the Tempranillo grape.


The first Denomination of Origin for wine in Spain since 1092. Rioja is the gateway for the Spanish red wines matured in oak, and for the Tempranillo (the most noble grape), which gives to red wine its elegance, concentrated aromas and complexity of taste.